Effective questioning brings insight, which fuels curiosity, which cultivates wisdom.

Client experience research with CXInsights

The power of our customer experience research program is that it allows you to listen in on what your clients are saying about your business when you are not in the room. It delivers knowledge and insights you require to make fact based decisions to support your business growth.

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We work in partnership with ambitious businesses who want to continue to grow, that understand that this growth is attainable by a unrelenting desire to deliver an enduring customer experience, we create the conduit for businesses to be able to really Listen to their customers.

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We also know that growth is hard, gritty and challenging, by continued Learning businesses are able to obtain a deep read on the ever changing demands of customers and adapt quickly to take advantage of market opportunities or shifts in their customer experiences.

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As always the customer experience is the hero of the story, understanding your customer experience allows businesses to make informed decisions, prioritise tasks and focus on what's really important, listening to your customers gives you the confidence to Act now.

Customer Data Analysis and Reporting

We use the most advanced analytical survey techniques available, allowing us to identify a number of the key drivers of customer loyalty and satisfaction, ultimately measured by increased financial growth and customer retention for your business. We are there with you every step of the way, you have the ability to log in and access your own secure CXInsights Client Portal. The Portal provides you with up-to-the-hour reporting on survey send outs, completion rates and any aged email addresses. A built-in administration function to amend your customer details ensures the survey reaches all of your intended recipients.

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Customers have their say on receiving our survey

"Your online survey is an excellent way to promote wider feedback on the quality of your service. It was easy to understand, navigate and respond to"

Adam N, QLD

"Yes, a very straight forward and uncomplicated survey to complete"

Ella M, NSW

"Short surveys increase likelihood of participation. Honesty about time required to complete enhances your credibility. So thank you!"

Luke P, SA

Frequestly Asked Questions

The survey consists of 17 questions. The majority are simple, scale-based questions (0-10), making it easy for clients to complete. Your clients will also be given the opportunity to provide open feedback on why they have given such a score, allowing you to drill down to real customer motivations. All client verbatim is captured and reported exactly how your customer has written it.
The survey has been designed to ensure your customers have a great experience as well. As such, an effective and engaging customer survey has been designed to take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.
It’s all about convenience for your customers; they can complete it on their desktop, laptop, ipad or iphone and in their own time. It is quick and easy for customers to complete, provides for quick turnaround and reporting, captures all your customers verbatim and is a low impact task for your business. Online surveys are also easy to implement, lower cost than traditional mail or ‘over the phone’ surveys and tend to result in higher response rates. Given our expertise and understanding of customers behaviours our responses rates to online surveys can exceed 50%.
Allowing CXInsights to independently manage the research for you encourages your customers to provide more open and honest feedback. It will also remove any response bias that can result when businesses undertake their own customer experience surveys. Our experience in quantitative research will maximise the survey response rates whilst protecting the anonymity of your customers.
Yes. By inviting all of your customers to complete the survey, your business results will be representative of your client experience across all your client segments. It also maximises the possible sample size, generally enabling data to be analysed separately within each customer segment (i.e. GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE) and for comparisons to be made across segments. We also have the functionality to benchmark and measure your customer responses by multiple advisers/ brokers within the one business.
Your business will distribute a personal crafted 'Heads Up' email explaining to your customers why you are undertaking this research, introducing CXInsights as well as encouraging them to participate and complete the survey. We also include your business name and logo in all customer communications.
At CXInsights we spend a lot of time trying to make the research we do better. Better is an interesting word, because it covers every element of what we do. We want to find better ways of collecting information, presenting information and understanding information. In order to be the very best we can be and stay ahead of the competition to deliver innovative best practice to our clients, we often look beyond our own extensive expertise – seeking collaborations with people and organisations that have dedicated themselves to expertise in very specific but relevant fields. We have the resources deep with not only research and analytical skills but specific skills that understand intimately your industry.
CXInsights strictly adheres to the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour in relation to research confidentiality and data security. This means that all responses are strictly confidential and anonymous. Reports will only display aggregated data and will not allow identification of individual respondents. Only CXInsights as the independent primary researcher will have access to raw, unidentified data. CXInsights will never allow personal data collected in a market research project to be used for any purpose other than market research. That means customer details will never be used for direct marketing. Please visit CXInsights website for further privacy information.

CXInsights conforms to current professional best practices relating to the keeping of records securely and for an appropriate period of time after the project has ended. This includes password protection for access to its information technology systems and securing access to physical records.

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*CXInsights strictly adheres to the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour in relation to research confidentiality and data security. This means that all responses are strictly confidential and anonymous. By proceeding to complete the survey, you are providing your informed consent to participate. Click here for CoreData's privacy policy for further details.